As you find on the History page there is much to see and explore in the Church and the fact it has been here as a place of worship for so long is a testament to the work of congregations and priests over several centuries.

But for us to concentrate solely on the history would do less than justice to the church’s present day position in our local community.

Thanks to a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund funding essential repairs to the church roof we are now able to use the church for worship once again and to enable other events to take place in the building.

The church welcomes Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals as part of pastoral care for those in the vicinity.

Plans are afoot to develop community use of the building with our first event being a St. George’s Day Jazz Concert at 7.30 pm on April 23rd. 2017. Do get in touch if you would like to discuss any ideas you might have for extending activities in this lovely building.

Remember before God those who built this church and all who have worshipped here down the ages.